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Strand of Sands (103 x 155 cm – Framed)


The North Western region of Australia is a place of contrasts and beauty, where the rugged desert meets the vast expanse of the sea. In this landscape, where the colors of the sand and the ocean blend together in a harmony of natural artistry, lies an endless source of inspiration.

As an artist, I am drawn to the unique beauty of this region, where the peaceful tranquility of the desert landscape is juxtaposed against the raw power of the ocean. With my canvas and my brushes, I aim to capture the essence of this place, to bring its beauty to life and to share it with others.

In my artwork, I seek to express the sense of awe and wonder that this landscape inspires, the feeling of being small and insignificant in the face of such natural grandeur. Whether it is the vastness of the desert stretching out before me, or the power of the waves crashing against the shore, I am humbled and inspired by this land.

Through my art, I hope to convey the majesty of this place, to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of our natural world, and to encourage them to preserve it for future generations. For in this rugged and untamed landscape lies a message of hope and resilience, a reminder that even in the face of great challenges, there is still beauty to be found.

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  • Original art created with acrylic paint on thick edge canvas.
  • The painting is 103 cm x 155 cm and 5 cm thick, framed in Tassie oak floating frame.
  • Price is inclusive of frame.
  • As this is a unique piece of work, if you wish to have this design to be in a different size, please contact us separate via commission form.


  • Packaged securely in thick walled cartons using protective layering for shipping.

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