A woman holding a hairdryer in front of a blue background. Abstract Art by Thanh Lyons

Meet Thanh

Hi, I’m Thanh Lyons, the founder and artist behind My Art Address. As someone who has always been passionate about travel and nature, I have found a way to blend those interests into my work as an artist. My art is inspired by the beauty and wonder of the world around me, and I strive to capture the essence of my experiences in my pieces. Whether I’m painting, drawing, or taking photographs, I aim to create art that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. For me, the creative process is a way to connect with the world and share my perspective with others. Through My Art Address, I hope to inspire others to explore and appreciate the beauty of our planet, and to see the world in new and exciting ways. 

“One thing I most enjoy in the creative process is finding new ways to bring the happiness and tranquility I take from nature to canvas!” ~Thanh Lyons

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"The more you look, the more you see"
-Robert M. Pirsig-

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