Caring for your New Artwork

This is a brief guide on how to care for your artwork. This is a guide only and you might need to consult a professional if in any doubt. 

Handling paintings

  • Ensure your hands are clean. Ideally wear cotton gloves to prevent finger prints. 

  • Ensure no heavy or sharp objects intact directly and indirectly to the surface of the artwork

  • Remove accessories and jewellery to avoid scratches


Hanging paintings

  • Centre of the painting should be at eye level (rule of thumb is around 150 cm – 160 cm)

  • Large and heavy paintings (15kgs plus) require proper wall anchor with mounting brackets under the paintings. 

  • Use wall hooks driven into wall studs (obtain permission from the landlord, if necessary)

    For artwork under 15kgs, you can install directly into a sturdy plaster wall with an appropriate hanging kit. 


  • Alternatively, avoid marking walls by using 3M® hooks with an appropriate load bearing 

  • When using hanging wire, ensure it is looped through the D-ring, and there is no loose wire


Displaying paintings

  • Ensure the artwork is at an appropriate heights 

  • Ensure there is enough light on the artwork 

  • Avoid direct sunlights if possible to prevent painting from fading. 

  • Avoid extreme weather or environment (hot/cold) which can cause paint cracked or colour loss. 

  • Dust with clean microfibre cloths to pick up dirt. 

  • Should there is smudge, gently clean up with damp microfibre cloth.


Storing paintings


  • Wrap artwork in acid free paper (e.g. parchment paper, tissue paper)

  • Cover artwork with bubble wrap to prevent accidental scratch & dent. 

  • Choose the room/area that well ventilated to prevent mould and musty smell. 

  • Ensure no heavy or sharp objects should lean on the surface of the artwork. 

  • Ideal humidity is 40-50%. Ideal temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (21-24 degrees Celsius)