Paint Pouring Experience at Your Place
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A woman is working on a paint pouring project with an older woman who has years of experience. Abstract Art by Thanh Lyons

Unlock Your Creativity

Want to try Acrylic Paint Pouring? Unlock your creativity and paint your dream artwork. It is easy and fun with all the materials provided.

A person is putting paint into a cup for a Paint Pouring Experience. Abstract Art by Thanh Lyons

New Experience

Never touched a paint brush? Look no further as this painting event is for all experience levels. The event is sure to be fun, informative and you will create your very own work of art.

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A woman is engaging in paint pouring on a table with colorful paints for an art therapy experience. Abstract Art by Thanh Lyons

Special Occasion

Is it your birthday, a social event or a family get together? This is the perfect event for you. We bring all the equipment & materials to your place, so that you can sit back and enjoy the party !

A woman standing in front of a table full of paintings, showcasing her experience in Paint Pouring. Abstract Art by Thanh Lyons

Corporate Events

Looking for a unique event for your team or clients? Then this could be perfect for you! Surprise, impress and delight! This is a hassle free event that comes to you.

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If you are looking for more information on your next social gathering. Please feel free to reach out to us on the enquiry form for more information. If you dont have some of the details please enter what you have available and we will get back to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Painting Pouring Experience? 

The Paint Pouring Experience workshop provides attendees opportunity to get to know about acrylic paint, mediums and techniques that can be used with acrylic paint to create abstract art. Attendees also get to practice with colours and various techniques create their first wonderful abstract art. Throughout the class, there will be at least an artist available to the group to provide instructions and assistance. 


How long is the session? 

The session will take approximately 2 hours with 15’ set down and 15’ pack up. 


What is the age requirement to attend? 

The workshop is designed for everyone from 7 to 90 years of age. 


What is the minimum and maximum number of attendees? 

For the class to work, this will require minimum 4 and maximum of 15 attendees. If you have the numbers lesser or more than mentioned, please contact us directly for a different arrangement. 


Where is this workshop take place? 

This can take place at your home, social event places where there is a big enough space ( 2 sqm per person) with well ventilated areas. 


What do I need to prepare for the workshop? 

All you need is a well ventilated areas such as verandah, pergola, patio or ideally a flat surface with roof. 

Water, tables and chairs would be a bonus. 


Can I have food and drinks during the workshop? 

Yes. You can. However, for Food and Health safety, please do not eat or have an open drink during the painting session. 


Can I keep what I make? 

Of course you can. The painting takes approximately 1-2 days to dry, during this drying time, we suggest you not to move the artwork to avoid any unexpected accident that might damage the artwork. There will be an instruction to show you how to take care of the painting after it dries. 


How many paintings can I make? 

All attendees will be given 2 canvases to create artwork on. If you wish to do more, there will be an extra charge of $15 per canvas. 


Can I bring my own canvas? 

Yes.You can. However, there will be an extra charge for paint from $10 per canvas.